6 Reasons Why Succulents Are Popular

Gara Bariuan
6 min readAug 5, 2020
Succulents Are Popular
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There are several factors why succulents are popular. The most obvious reason is ‘natural’ charm, as evident in their dominance in social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest posts of succulents as home decors and indoor gardens swamped our newsfeeds. Some even created pages and accounts dedicated mainly to these plants.

The succulent market also caught up with their popularity as physical and online stores, advertisements, books and ebooks, and blogs doubled or tripled in number.

But when did the craze start and why are succulents so popular?

What Is A Succulent?

The term succulent comes from the Latin word succus, which means juicy. It is not a scientific word, just like most probably assumed, but rather a descriptive term. We describe food as succulent when it is tender, juicy, or tasty.

In Botany, succulents are plants with thick and fleshy leaves or stems that store water. A plant is considered a succulent because of its water-storing feature and not of who its plant relatives are.

Some succulents, such as cacti, keep water in their stems since they have small to no leaves. While others, like agave and aloe, save liquid mostly in their leaves.

Their water-holding capabilities enable them to survive even in long periods of drought. Due to this unique characteristic, they are often thought to have originated distinctly from dry regions, like deserts.

But the natural habitats of succulents are found all over the world. Some succulents can be located in high alpine areas, rain forests, sea coasts, and dry tropical regions.

6 Reasons Why Succulents Are Popular

Succulents Are Easy to Maintain
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1. Succulents Are Easy To Maintain

It is said that succulents are popular since they started to have a spot in almost everyone’s home. Even those who do not have time to take care of plants welcomed these plants in their houses.

These plants require minimal care and can endure neglect. All that succulents need are a sweet sunny spot that would provide at least six hours of good daily sunlight, once a week of watering, and pruning care as required.

But while you can forget them for some time, warm chitchats from the owner every so often would be great.

If you are new to gardening or have a busy lifestyle, then succulents are perfect for you!

Click here to learn more tips and tricks on succulent water care.

Succulents Can Survive Anywhere
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2. Succulents Can Survive Anywhere

Apart from being low maintenance, succulents can pretty much grow anywhere. You can plant them in pots, window boxes, wall vases, glass containers, teacups, buckets, and even in worn-out shoes!

You can plant them wherever you like, and they will thrive. Just keep in mind that the containers must have holes for succulents not to soak. And also, remember to give them their necessary sun and water needs.

Succulents are great adaptors of their surroundings; they are hard to kill unless one decides to overwater them.

Succulents Have High Decorative Value
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3. Succulents Have High Decorative Value

Succulents are modern designers’ favorite. They come in different fascinating shapes, intriguing textures, and gorgeous colors. Their exquisite beauty is one of the reasons why they have captivated the eyes (and hearts) of many.

Succulents make lovely potted plants, landscape plants, house decors, table arrangements, glass gardens, and bouquets.

And as if their beauty is not enough, some succulents produce the most eye-candy and Instagram-worthy flowers.

This diverse group of plants creates endless design possibilities and gives a new dimension in any living space.

Succulents Are Affordable
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4. Succulents Are Affordable

Planning to decorate your home, but you are on a limited budget? Get some succulents! They are dirt cheap.

As mentioned above, these plants are low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing; this on-a-budget home decor hack will surely make your space fresh, sophisticated, and on-trend.

Plus, with its price, you may consider starting making a hobby of growing succulents. The basic starter kit includes a container with holes, well-draining soil, and the plant itself.

Succulents are popular because they are beautiful yet budget-friendly. So whether you plan to redecorate your home or start a new hobby, succulents would be a perfect choice for your pocket!

Succulents Are Easy To Propagate
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5. Succulents Are Simple To Propagate

One of the fun reasons why succulents are popular is the fact that they are effortless to propagate.

New plants are made simply by cutting leaves or branches and planting them in some soil. Two simple steps, cut and plant. The piece that was cut will root eventually and turn into a new plant.

Most succulents will take two weeks to a month to grow roots. You must just remember to keep the planted leaves away from the sunlight and water them lightly. You may use a spray bottle to manage the water you put into the pot.

Collecting and multiplying succulents may turn into a little addiction. The combination of beauty, little maintenance, and easy propagation is just too hard to resist and indeed habit-forming.

Succulents Have All-Year-Round Charm
Photo by Rifqi Ali Ridho on Unsplash

6. All-Year-Round Charm

If you are still not convinced of the reasons stated above on why succulents are popular, this last (but definitely not the least) reason could change your mind. Succulents’ beauty knows no season.

Yes, you read it right. They are one of the few plants that are not affected by the changes in seasons. Their beauty can be seen throughout the year. While several succulents do not bloom in winter, there are still some, like hoya, that flower during that season.

Succulents are indeed great plants to grow because they never grow cold on you, are very flexible, can manage neglect, and are beautiful… all year round! What is there not to love?

Famous Succulent Families

Agavaceae (Century Plants)
Aizoaceae (Mesembs)
Apocynaceae (Frangipanis)
Aloaceae (Aloes)
Cactaceae (Cacti)
Crassulaceae (Stonecrops)

Experience The Succulent Appeal

Whether one lives in a rural or urban place, one cannot deny that having live plants in the surroundings brings benefits.

Growing a garden provides a fresh and more lively overall atmosphere. Plants add elegance and color to your place, maintain fresh air, and bring serenity.

Now, it is easy to have your very own garden, thanks to succulent’s minimal care requirement. It does not matter how busy your lifestyle is, or if you have a green or brown thumb.

If succulents were able to withstand different conditions and climates, they would surely survive your living room. Come and join the fad! And experience firsthand why exactly succulents are popular.